Cleanliness Drive-Divya Nagari Children

Sunday, 7-Dec-2014, we organised a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ with the children of Divya Nagari. We announced this program on Saturday only.

The children came with broom from their house with full of zeal and enthusiasm. About 60 children came to Divya Darshan Bhawan half an hour before the schedule time i.e. 4.00PM. We explained them importance of cleanliness both inner self and outer world, own body and house, our street and society.Thereafter, these children cleaned the street. Then our rally started moving ahead in two rows. We covered most of narrow streets of ‘Bhagat Ki Chali’ and nearby main road.Children keep on shouting slogan on cleanliness. People came out of their huts and shops and were smiling on this new venture of their children.At the end all came back to Divya Darshan Bhawan i.e. our BK Centre. All children washed their hands with soap. Prasad was given to all.Children were asking us when the next cleanliness drive will be!!!!