Craft Activity & Creative Drawing

Transformation process of “Bhagat ki chali” into “Divya Nagari” initiated by Brahma Kumaris, Divya Darshan Bhavan, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad is on its pick. It has been four months now that these Divya Nagari slum children are associated with the educational and health projects. These children are being daily educated for moral values also, which become foundation for their transformation.

Here are some of the photographs of creative drawings and craft items prepared by Divya Nagari children through which they express their gratitude towards BK Ishitaben and BK CA. Lalitbhai for initiating this wonderful project.

For overall physical and mental development of these Divya Nagari Slum children, they are being served Divya Khichdi every Saturday which is pure and full of vegetables and dry fruits. Some of the photographs of children while enjoying the wonderful meal of nutritious Divya Khichdi.