De-addiction Camp

Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Cigarette and other such products is increasing day by day in all age groups. Efforts are being made by government, NGOs and by various other social groups in different ways. One such powerful effort was made by Brahmakumaris, Divya Darshan Bhawan, Navragpura by organizing Free De-addiction camp on 23rd August 2015 from 10 P.M. to 12:30 P.M. for all the classes of society with particular attention to Divya Nagari Slum people.

Low income, economical incapability for medical treatment and relationship disturbances are major reasons because of which these lower socioeconomic class people affect more difficulties then other social counterparts. For welfare of these people a de-addiction camp was organized in association with medical wing of Brahmakumaris. BK Dr. Banarasi bhai (Executive Secretary, Medical Wing) had sent a special team of Doctors; BK. Dr. Yogeshbhai and BK. Dr. Digmbarbhai from Mount Abu to Divya Darshan Bhawan for treatment of the addicted Divya Nagari people with Homeopathic medicines.

BK Ishitaben (Centre In-charge, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad) explained how practising Rajyoga can help in becoming free from addiction. She also tied the Rakhi to all the patients and took promise from all to be free from all types of addiction. All the benefiters have dropped Tobacco and Cigarette packets in “Vyasna Mukti Box” and experienced the freedom. BK Meenaben gave blessing card and BK Dr. Bipinbhai inspired all to practise Rajyoga. BK Vinaybhai (Medical Student) explained the medical implications after consuming Drugs, Tobacco, Cigarette, Alcohol and others on mind, body and health. BK Sunitaben explained the Rajyoga exhibition to all the camp benefiters.

Around 54 Divya Nagari people including children and women got benefited from De-addiction camp. Free homeopathic medicines were also given to all. Many addicted people were having the habit of chewing tobacco since childhood and today at Divya Darshan Bhawan they dropped it. Around 50 Addicted people, their friends and family members expressed deep gratitude for organizing this wonderful camp which helped them in becoming free from addiction and they also congratulated the entire Divya Nagari Project Team.

Here are the photographs of the de-addiction camp.