Municipal School Children’s Parents Meeting with BK Ishitaben (Centre In-charge) (12-10-2015)

Divya Nagari Slum project is gaining increased visibility and attention because of significant transformation in Divya Nagari slum children in all aspects. Municipal school teachers’ who daily teach them also expressed the same to us. They also feel difference among children who are and not part of Divya Nagari Slum project.

By seeing the positive change in these children, Municipal school no. 10’s principal Rinaben approached B.K. Ishitaben regarding the positive change and invited her to school. She arranged special parents’ meeting with BK Ishitaben wherein she inspired parents for their children education and values in their life. All parents were very happy after listening and interacting with BK Ishitaben.

Municipal school principal requested to arrange weekly lecture of BK Ishitaben so that other children who are not part of Divya Nagari can also get benefit.