“New Beginning of Divya Nagari Slum Transformation Project” Stepping in 2nd Year (16-11-2015)

Divya Nagari Slum Transformation Project has successfully completed one year and stepped into second year on 16th November 2015. 1st year of Divya Nagari Slum Transformation project had achieved many milestones centred on Education, Health, Value education, Women education, Women empowerment and De-addiction with your best wishes and support. In the new beginning of 2nd year, we are committed to continue this service and going to add many aspects in this service.

On 16th November 2015, we began regular education classes of Divya Nagari Slum children after Diwali Vacation. Around 70 children were present on the first day. BK Dr. Bipinbhai Nayak came to meet Divya Nagari Slum Children and showed them different magic tricks.