Science City Trip

“Holistic approach of education not only involves syllabus based teaching, but it also involves understanding the application of taught knowledge. Divya Darshan Bhavan, Brahma Kumaris, Navrangpura believes in the same and constantly put efforts for such method of education for Divya Nagari Slum children. As part of this; on 14th May 2015, an education trip was organized to Science City, Sola, Ahmendabad to inspire children about scientific advancements and application.

Around 60 children from different age group and 20 volunteers joined this trip. They were taken in a bus from Divya Darshan Bhavan to Science City. All children were expressing their excitement of going for the very first time to science city. Inside the campus, they were explained different aspect of science. They also enjoyed “Space Ride”, “Thrill Ride” and “Musical fountain”.

Exploring the world of science in the form of picnic encouraged them to continue their studies and gave them direction as well.

All children enjoyed biscuits and snacks in the green garden of science city campus. In nutshell, the educational trip was a successful event for Divya Nagari Slum Children. We extent our hearty thanks to all of you for your constant support in all the means.”