Women Empowerment through Literacy Drive

There are many youths, elderly sisters and mothers are illiterate in the Divya Nagari slum. These children who joined us for daily education in Divya Nagari project when go back to their home, they share their experiences with lots of excitement. The constant happiness and excitement inspired their parents to learn basic education.

These women of Divya Nagari slum who joined us from 18th June 2015 for basic education now started experiencing confidence and developing a penchant to learn and continue this process. B.K. Ishitaben, Centre In-charge, Navragpura is also inspiring and motivating them. Every day she realizes these women their original identity and strengthen them. Some of them started writing their name and even started reading.

We believe this wonderful transformation in women of Divya Nagari locality will bring tremendous change in their family as well.